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Globally, the governments have different specialized departments to deal with various aspects of governance. Each department is connected to thousands, sometimes of millions of beneficiaries, stakeholders, and partners. Planners and policy makers, heads of government or departments are constantly implementing various initiatives, actions, schemes, strategies to achieve this progress. Such missions are critical to nation-building.

With a profound understanding of adult learning principles and state-of-the-art technology to deliver learning, we are ready to partner government departments on a large scale in achieving their missions.



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  • I picked up useful strategies for self development and improving my classroom impact. Good experience.


  • This is the second training I have attended this type, and believe me, this is at least 50% better than the earlier one. Mr. Gopi is superb!

    Jai Singh Sajwan

  • As discussed in the training, different methods of opening and closing of a session, I am trying different things in all classes like opening with a puzzle and closing with a recap of what we have done in last two hours. Second thing I have adopted is opening with GK questions and closing with a puzzle.

    Rajneesh Aggarwal

  • It was overall a good experience. Some new dimension which I never thought about.

    Manoj Mahajan

  • Excellent Wow!

    Ashutosh Sharma

  • It’s very interesting… I am (able to) cope up with the language well; (my) concentration is increasing.

    Maheswari Varadarajan

  • A great simulation with fun-filled interactions. Had a great learning time!

    Hariharan R.

  • It is a good experience for anyone who seeks to improve their communication skills. It has been a great learning experience and a refreshing journey.... it was a pleasant surprise!

    Ciddarth Viswanathan

  • I would like to say that the English used in this program is very useful and learnable one.

    Athithya M

  • Good learning experience… its awesome, great. I can feel the change.

    Anusha Venkataraman

  • I find this prog very interesting, it helps us to improve our skills.

    Aarya T

  • The areas outlined (in your course) specifically target the qualities any interviewer would look for in any candidate for any opening. Given the general quality of people, positive, difference-causing intervention will be very welcome.

    Mr. G. Harikrishnan, AVP, NIIT, then Nittany Outsourcing Services

  • We learnt to face several things and developed enough boldness to talk to outsiders. To a large extent, the on-the-spot topic to speak with everyone - where we were given a topic and were asked to converse on it - helped us tremendously in overcoming this fear.

    Mervin Bas B V, began his career in Wipro Technologies

  • It has been very helpful in improving my career and my way of approaching towards it. Through the program, I was able to clearly differentiate the career options before me and I had the mindset to choose the right one. I would rate the program with maximum priority - 8 or 9 on a scale of 10 - in my career.

    Karthik, began his career with Infosys