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India has more than 600 universities, of which less than 200 offer organized Distance Education programs. As per higher education data, in 2012-13 alone, more than 5 million people enrolled for Distance Education programs. Very rapidly Distance Education is changing into Online Education. Among all the online programs, Management programs are the more preferred ones among students. The more progressive of the brick-and-mortar universities are opening up to extending their regular programs in the online modes.

However, universities look for credible and long term collaborations for making it happen,for factors like technological knowhow, up-and-running tried-and-tested tech infrastructure, academic systems & processes online, comprehensive online marketing machinery, and so on.

361 Degree Minds becomes a perfect partner with the universities in their ‘online’ mission.

361DM, with their two decades of L&D experience with corporates, have been working with colleges and universities in designing and delivering end-to-end online learning to thousands of college students across India. Annamalai University is one such collaboration we take pride in, where we are offering several of their UG, PG, and Diploma programs online, and gradually adding more programs to the bouquet.

361Degree Minds, a preferred collaborator

Credibility: 361DM is founded and run by BITS Pilani alumni. The founders have more than ten years of industry experience, and been deep into the Learning & Education field for another decade.

Experience: 361DM has successfully completed three academic years delivering online UG andPG programs certified by Annamalai University.

Technology: 361DM delivers online programs on their proprietary state-of-the-art tech platform, designed to provide engaging, classroom-like learning experience. Thousands of students from all over India and 25 other countries, are conveniently pursuing their higher education with 361DM on this robust tech platform.

Marketing Expertise: 361DM pursues online marketing very actively, and has tried and tested online enquiry generation and enrollment handling processes.

Corporate Experience: 361DM is one of very few corporate L&D companies who are also in the online Higher Education space. The founders have personally trained tens of thousands of managers coming from 20 nationalities, travelling in 5 countries across Asia Pacific region, working in corporates like Cognizant, Nokia Siemens Networks, Astra Zeneca, SanDisk, Manhattan Associates, Career Launcher, Covansys, and Zenta.



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  • This program make us understand what things will be going on in a workplace and how to handle all situations. It feels like working in a corporate… really helpful in many aspects.

    Lakshmi Priya Sivakumar

  • The organization of this website can advertise so that more and more people can make use of it!

    Harish Sridhar

  • Its’s really touching to the core...nice one!

    Dinesh Kumar S.

  • Keeps me thinking about the new stuff that I’m gonna learn!

    Chandrasekhar Iyer

  • This is a very interesting way of learning our communication skills and perhaps an apt way too!

    Aranya Sethu

  • This is a nice opportunity for us to communicate with the public by sitting inside a/c room.

    Amudhan R

  • I am certainly very impressed by the unique features of the 361° Edge program, end-to-end contents and scientific methodology. In my view, 361° Edge is the solution for every student aspiring to step into the business industry. The entire program is promising and a win-win combination for the world of students and the corporates. It is an investment for the student and a sigh of relief for the recruiters.

    Ms. Rujuta Oza, HR Advisor & Consultant

  • I am of the opinion that your endeavour to engage students in quality enhancement will indeed go a long way not only for quality recruitments, but also indirectly in Nation building, for these are the youngsters on whom the future of nations depend.

    Mr. Atul Chugh from Nokia

  • It has helped me to spot my abilities, interests and weaknesses and set my goals accordingly, not only in major tasks, but even small day-to-day activities. It was here that I first learnt of the importance and necessity of a professional attitude, proper articulation and unambiguous communication and good knowledge of programming fundamentals.

    Annamalai, began his career as an IT professional