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Communications programs
What does the program ACHIEVE?
Program objectives are
  • Assess learner’s level of communication competency on finer dimensions
  • Develop the learner’s communication competency through individual and group drills

Learners practice skills and build habits that enable them to

  • Articulate their thoughts more effectively
  • Comprehend others’ communication more precisely
  • Make Personality changes in relation with articulation & understanding skills
What are the BENEFITS of the program?
  • Learner works on precise needs. Since we have been on both sides of the ‘professional world’ – corporate managers from 20 nationalities and college students & educational institutes, the learner gets to work at the exact proficiencies that the corporate world demands.
  • Practical, not theoretical. The program follows a practice-based approach to improving communication skills, not treating it as an academic subject but a life skill.
  • Learning simplified. Communication has a vast scope. It is possible that one may begin to work on higher levels of it without getting a stronghold on its most fundamental elements. This program has broken down this vast skill into easily handle-able sub-skills and personality aspects, which the learner can relate to, and work on in simple steps.
  • Best of both worlds. The learner gets to learn in an environment drawn from the best of classroom and individualized learning. The human-touch of the classroom-like environment, learning in peace and at own pace, choice-making, and interactions-at-will with people who can play developmental roles.
  • World-class yet affordable. The program has been designed based on globally researched principles of adult learning and effective remote learning. Experts from the fields of psychology, business, creative arts, and so on, have put in their decades of experience and insights into shaping this program, and making it accessible and affordable by the common learner.
What areas does the program COVER?
The program has three major modules

  • Articulation Skills
    Topics covered are starting a conversation, bringing precision and accuracy in articulation, creating involvement, explaining and describing, questioning and summarizing, managing different opinions, and such.
  • Comprehension Skills
    Topics covered are recognizing the main idea, identifying support details, recognizing relationships between multiple ideas, recalling ideas and details, attending with an open mind, identifying purpose, organizing information, distinguishing between fact and opinion, identifying logical arguments, making logical inferences and conclusions, and such.
  • Communication Orientation
    Personality aspects covered are -
    How closely one understands communication as a concept, what one believes about communication, and how much one values it.
    How interested one is to communicate or how much one feels like communicating in various situations with different people.
    How comfortable one is while communicating in various situations with different people, whether one has hesitations or anxiety about it.
    How one perceives one’s communication ability and capability, what self-image one has as a communicator.
How is the program DIFFERENT from any other communication program?
  • The program takes a drill-based approach, as this skill-type can only be built in this way (methodology).
  • Communication skills are further broken down into easily manageable sub-skills and personality aspects. The learner at this stage (student life) is then able to relate to it, work on it in simple steps, and see improvements.
  • The program is delivered using the right methodology, with an intelligent mix of online sessions & offline scenarios, and synchronous & asynchronous human intervention for maximum effectiveness.
What is the program DESIGN?
  • These sessions comprise
  • Online direct sessions
  • Live sessions with facilitators
  • Performance tracking and benchmarking
  • Interactions with personnel from industry
  • Drills for practicing with learning partner or individual
  • Practice Assignments to suit the learner’s level
  • Observers as learning partners and mentors
  • Inductions and recaps
  • Integrated and Comprehensive Tests
  • Learning supporters like
    • Session scheduling by self
    • My Diary and Note-making
    • Note-sharing with buddies
    • Performance charts on multiple dimensions
    • Live chats with buddies
    • Live Opinion Polls
    • Relaxing break-time activities – interesting, educative, and interactive
    • Library – video and text
    • Make your own feedback, and ask any time from anyone
    • Blog and Discussion forum

Communication Simplified

What does Communication really mean?

Myths about Communication
Some myths about ‘good communication skill’ are:
It mean being talkative.
It means speaking fluently.
It means impressive public speaking.
It means knowing English language well.
Communication broken down
Simply put, good communication skills means making others understand what we want to convey and we understanding what others are trying to tell us.

Your power to communicate is determined by TWO skills – Articulation and Comprehension, and FOUR personality aspects together called Communication Orientation.

Why is Communication so critical?

Communication for Life
Communication connects us with people. We need to communicate for sharing information, expressing ideas and emotions, and forming relationships with each other. Our friends and family may understand us even if our communication is imperfect. But when we step into the real world, people may not understand what we have in mind unless we convey it right; they might not give us leeway for our communication slip-ups.

Communication for Career
Regardless of the size of the company we work for, our communication skills matter in our career growth. NASSCOM in a study found that 4 out of 5 graduates were not truly employable. And the most important reason is their “lack of communication skills”. Communication skills are considered even more important than technical knowledge or computer skills. In today’s times, as the gap between cultures is reducing and diversity increasing, more corporates prefer to hire those who can comfortably communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

How can Communication be built?
A common misconception is that good communicators are born with its flair. The truth is that like any other skill, communication skills can be learnt, acquired, and improved.

How does one learn a dance, or a sport, or cooking? Definitely not by reading books or watching videos on it! It is by practicing. Similarly, one can learn to communicate better only by practicing, and continuing the practice throughout life. We all know that the best of sportsmen don’t stop practicing ever.


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