• Very useful for developing one’s communication skills level. Now only I have found out my communication competency level, and know how to improve it. In this program, I came to realize what all skills are important in my life. Hereafter I will focus more on my communication. This is the best program for us students, who are from non-English medium, but want to improve our English communication level.

    Anupriya Jeyakumar

  • I would like to appreciate how beautifully you have crafted this programme, which deals with the day-to-day life experiences in a precise and interesting way.

    Bhargav Bappudi

  • Amazing overall experience in learning and quite comfortable to understand the concepts. Great to learn online at our own convenience as compared to sitting in whole day training sessions.

    Dhivya Theeran

  • I really enjoy learning here, though this is my first experience with online learning.

    Dolly Mathew

  • It’s a great tool / technology that is bringing the classroom to home. Great learning experience!

    Govindaraj Munuswamy

  • It has helped me to overcome my stage fear. I feel very confident of getting started in a conversation with a stranger. On the whole, I can say for sure that it has improved my communication skills.

    Jaya Kumar D

  • Excellently designed program for working professionals!!!

    Karthikeyan V

  • It was a good decision to join this online course as I can go through the Learning Rooms at my convenience. The faculty’s communication is truly awesome, simple and superb.

    Krishna Prasad B S

  • The sessions have certainly improved my abilities to interact with people and also taken me a bit closer to reality (in terms of what I am likely to experience in the real workplace).

    Lakshmi Naarayanan Shrinivas

  • This program is really an awesome way of training us professionals. AP101 Challenger has helped me a lot in streamlining my process understanding. It is truly challenging and a unique learning experience. I wish to take more of such learning programs.

    Muralidharan Kannan

  • This is a great effort to help those who have had problems related to communication and all other life skills, such as leadership. The sessions are truly fun-filled. I look forward to what the next task would be. It's a fabulous development program!

    Priyadarshini Venkataramanan

  • Quite interesting real life incidents. Dashboard, Knuggets and Concepts are mind blowing. THANK YOU for providing such a great opportunity. This program has helped me a lot in improving my communication competency -- in being precise in whatever message is to be conveyed, and extracting the main idea or summarizing.

    Ramya Saraswathy Subramanin

  • It has helped me a lot in improving my communicational skills. It also gave me tips on getting organized and behaving in the corporate world. Thank you once again for such an interesting program. THANKS A LOT.

    Sai Vijitha C

  • One of the best training programs I have ever gone through!

    Shanker Babu Thandra

  • The program is really interesting. It's the place where learning meets fun. The program is definitely useful for an engineering student like me, who will enter the professional world in less than two years.

    Shravan Thorvey

  • This programme is helping me improve my public speaking skills and personality aspects related to leadership.

    Siva Ranjith A

  • Very interesting and informative course content. Thanks for giving wonderful insights into AP domain, and thanks for all the efforts put in to come up with such a program. Truly enjoyed the whole program. The challenger sessions were too good.

    Solomon Manoj Kumar

  • It has proven to be a medium of confirmation to my thinking process and perception. Has been a really insightful program with a lot of in-depth aspects to help each and every basic requirement in terms of communication development.

    Thrisha Shetty

  • This course has given new dimensions to my learning. It was really interesting and has greatly enriched my knowledge about AP. Will love to do more such relevant courses with 361DM.

    Udai Pratap Singh Bisht

  • 361DM online learning is very useful for the working people. Compared to a correspondence course, I can gather more subject knowledge through your LR /DLR sessions. Thank you 361dm team.

    Tutika Prasadarao

  • This program is great. The real life situations put in front of me are very interesting. Such a process of learning with enjoyment and interest is what every student dreams of!

    Varuneshwaran R

  • It's really cool you know! It's like being transferred into a new world! The virtual experience is really going to help us all when we go out there and face competition in this highly advanced world. It also feels good to meet these virtual people and adapting to the new surroundings. It already is like I belong here. The experiences are vast and awesome. Thank you 361degreeminds! :)

    Vijayashree H

  • It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. This program has largely shaped the person I am today. I have a learnt a lot about working in a group, focusing on goals and managing to live in a new city, which really is going to be helpful for me. Now I am enthusiastic about the opportunities I am sure to find in the near future. I have been in several virtual worlds but I surely can say that this is the best of all. Thank you 361dm :)

    Vijayashree H

  • The program has helped me immensely. The knowledge gained through the program was used to my advantage in situations which were previously unclear.

    Varalakshmi Sudhakar

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