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Realise your goals at home and abroad!

Do you want to study in the UK, the US or Australia? Set up a company in your home country? Have a fantastic career in a multinational organisation? Whatever your dreams, make them come true with Edexcel’s BTEC qualification.

What are BTEC qualifications?

Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) Founded 1984 in UK
Over the last 30 years, BTEC qualifications have helped millions of people develop the skills they need to get on in life. Engaging and inspiring, these work-related qualifications are suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities. They provide a practical, real-world approach to learning without sacrificing any
of the essential subject theory.

BTECs give the skills needed to either move on to higher education or go straight into employment. In addition, they also cover real life activities, such as writing and presenting a business plan.

Who can take up these programs?

BTEC programs are valued by academic institutions, employers and professional bodies, and recognised in more than 90 countries worldwide.
BTEC qualifications can be taken up by –

  • Graduating students, along with their traditional academic curriculum,wanting to either move on to further education or enter employment with the acquired skills
  • Working professionals, along with their regular employment, where they are able to relate to and practice the learnt skills in real workplace situations. As the faculty sessions are conducted online, it is extremely convenient for anyone to take up these programs along with their studies or work.

1.1 million BTEC students each year! Colleges, universities and employers around the world welcome applications from candidates with BTEC qualifications. Millions of international students have benefited from the prospects that BTEC qualifications offer.

Get ahead in career anywhere in the world

Corporates of the 21st century expect their employees to have practical skills and exceptional abilities, not just academic brilliance. Edexcel’s BTEC programs build global practical skills needed to get ahead in career anywhere in the world.

What benefits do BTECs offer?
  • A Practical Approach
    Practical business skills like preparing budgets and plans, identifying and building leadership skills, team building and more, are much in-demand with employers. BTECs offer a practical hands-on approach that is often lacking in more traditional academic routes.
  • International Recognition
    BTEC certifications come from Edexcel – a Pearson company and the UK’s largest awarding body. BTECs are valued and recognized by colleges, universities, employers and professional bodies in 92 countries worldwide.
  • No Exam Pressure
    When studying the BTEC way, progress is measured throughout the course, allowing you to gauge your own performance on a continuing basis, rather than waiting till the end to write an exam.
  • Keep your future options open
    Whether you want to go for further education or proceed with your career, a BTEC will let you to explore both possibilities.
  • Blends in with present occupation
    BTECs can be taken with other qualifications and alongside work commitments. You can specialise in areas of your interest without going slow on your present occupation, be it work or studies.
  • Convenience with flexibility
    The online learning modules make these programs convenient for anyone in the country. Live classroom sessions also means learners can interact with the faculty and the other learners in real time – ask questions, start discussions, participate in group tasks and get practical training from experts anywhere. You can attend the sessions from home, you can submit your assignments online, and get guidance from your E-coach.


About Edexcel

Edexcel is part of the Pearson Education group, the world’s leading educational publisher. Edexcel is UK’s largest awarding body, offering academic and vocational qualifications and testing to more than 25,000 schools, colleges, employers and other places of learning in 100 countries worldwide.

Advantage Edexcel

Edexcel qualifications are recognized by colleges, universities, employers and professional bodies in more than 90 countries worldwide.
Edexcel programs are designed to be relevant to local needs and provide you with structured progression into employment or higher education worldwide.
Edexcel’s suite of BTEC vocational qualifications covers a wide variety of employment sectors.

Edexcel provides you learning support throughout your BTEC program:

  • Study Skills Guides – support in making your own decisions on how to approach your studies, and identify what skills you need to succeed.
  • Student Books and Resources – provide in-depth coverage of core and optional
    BTEC units, plus lively case studies and activities to stimulate you and
    help you apply the theory to real-life.


About 361DM

361 Degree Minds (361DM) is a learning & education company providing online and blended learning solutions to individuals across the globe, academic institutions, and corporates across industries. Thousands of undergrads, graduates, and managers from 20 nationalities in 5 countries have completed their higher education and non-formal learning at 361DM.

Advantage 361DM
  • 361DM programs follow learning methodologies adopted from globally researched principles of adult and remote learning.
  • 361DM deliver learning on their proprietary tech platform designed to create a unique learning environment – both, interactivity & participation of classroom learning, and convenience & flexibility of tech-enabled learning.
  • You can attend online classroom sessions from home, and participate by voice, chat, polling etc.
  • You get access to you own private learning space, where you can go through reading material, and audio-video learning resources.
  • You have avenues to stay up-to-date and express yourself on 361DM’s blog and discussion forum, a common platform for all 361DM learners.
  • You can communicate with your faculty, E-coach and co-learners at your will.



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This course has given new dimensions to my learning curve. It was really interesting and has greatly enriched my knowledge about AP. Will love to do more such relevant courses with 361DM.
-Udai Pratap Singh Bisht
Highly interesting. It was very educational and refreshing to the mind.
-Joyce Mitchell
It was a good decision to join this online course as I can go through the Learning Rooms at my convenience. The faculty’s communication is truly awesome, simple and superb.
-Krishna Prasad B S
The program has helped me immensely. The knowledge gained through the program was used to my advantage in situations which were previously unclear.
-S Varalakshmi Sudhakar
I would like to appreciate how beautifully you have crafted this programme, which deals with the day-to-day life experiences in a precise and interesting way.
-Bhargav Bappudi