Learning Partnership programs

361° Varsity provides vast space for the governmental policy makers and governmental planners for garnering collaborative partnerships with 361DM. Some such probable partnerships are indicated below:

Partnering in all kinds of information dissemination

In all of its actions, schemes and strategies, information dissemination is a vital component. Departments of governments need to control, regulate, create, and shape information dissemination. Media such as television, radio and internet, mobile phones play a huge role in this. They play an effective role but have their limitations. They are adept in dealing with information that is ‘just for information’ or ‘for just awareness’. Typically the thumb print of this information is ‘non-interactive’, ‘non-supervised’ and ‘mild awareness-goals’ driven. However there are a whole other information dissemination needs that departments of governments have, like imparting compliance norms, practice rules, interpretation of policies/schemes, impacting and monitoring change. These are shades of learning. We offer solutions in blended learning that can deal with these lighter shades (on the spectrum of learning) and help organizations accomplish such learning mandates cost-effecively, quickly, and impactfully.

Designing and delivering programs for governmental employees

Governance is a dynamic area and with the advent of technologies, it is changing. Newer technologies, newer ideas, newer policies, newer ways of working have come to governance. We enable institutions by designing courses in emerging areas, and delivering them to their students to keep them in-step with the change.

Catalyzing social change programs

Governments have a lot of agenda that aims at social change. Be it a gender sensitization program for its workforce or program on hygiene standards for school children, these programs are a critical cog in the social change. We partner with governments in solving this problem for some of their critical needs, by adopting blended learning approaches for effective teaching.

Updating the technical workforce of the government

There are lots of engineers, medical professionals, financial professionals, scientists, research scholar that work with the government. This technical force is drawn from the similar talent pool that of Private Corporation and in many cases carry out similar activities. They require constant learning to perform their roles effectively. For example medical professionals require continuous medical education and require special learning programs for dealing with a specific illness. We partner with governments in imparting this critical education to its technical workforce.

Partnering in educational initiatives
Government plays a central role in furthering the level of education in a country. It has its short, medium and long term plans and goals. The planners need to work with administration, teachers and students in school and higher education to achieve their goals. Training these stakeholders is an important piece in this puzzle. We partner with governments in furthering its mission of education by creating and delivering programs for students, faculties and administration.
Designing and delivering courses in emerging areas

Every new technology frontier brings along with it an additional area in governance. In the last decade, e-governance, commodity market regulation, introduction of VAT, stock market derivatives and in the future green accounting, carbon tax, etc requires conceptual and application grounding among its staff. We enable government by designing courses in emerging areas, and delivering them to workforce to deal with emerging areas.
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