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A strong execution culture only can help organizations out of stagnation.

All the thought that goes into a business organization – its policies, ideas, strategies, decisions – is intended for its profits and growth. Organizations may even have the best competency pool to come out with brilliant ideas, think of smart strategies and lay out fool-proof plans.

Often they are taken aback when things do not happen as they were meant to happen. In other words, they fall short on “on-the-ground implementation” of their plans. This is execution failure, which many organizations worldwide are trying to grapple with, and looking to methods for putting their strategies and plans to work in reality.

“The effective execution of a plan is what counts and not mere planning on paper; it is not what we put on our plate or even what we eat that provides nourishment and growth, but what we digest” – JRD Tata

Global research has found a strong correlation between profitability & growth of organizations to their execution ability. Also, it was found that this ability decreases with increasing company size.

What makes organizations weak in execution?

There are unforeseen unfavourable events that can throw an organization’s plans out of balance. Yet, there are intrinsic factors that could make an organization weak in execution – factors related to beliefs and values, decision making styles, management attitudes, systems and processes, and so on.

Organizations, not only must identify these intrinsic flaws, but also ‘know’ what exactly needs to be tweaked at the source of things to show visible, tangible positive bottom line results.

361┬░Execution is a long term program meant for top executives of an organization to look within. The group goes through an exploratory process of discovery and course corrections in order to create an execution savvy culture.

Change Behaviour, Change Results

361┬░Execution program works closely with top sub-10 of organizations making ‘progressive positive changes’ where needed, whether it be their leadership styles, the culture they are creating, or their decision-to-action loop.

Discover How to Execute Your Corporate Strategy

A pan-organizational measurement done by us would reveal significant and on-the-ground information, and add valuable insights for dealing with execution blockages.


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