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Accounts Payables being a knowledge-oriented subject and highly process-driven function, can be a dry area to learn and impart. It can pose challenges to both, the receivers and the providers of learning. Moreover, an Accounts Payables (AP) professional could go about with his/her assigned tasks in the AP process while being totally unaware of the business context of it. This can lead to other issues for the department and organization. “AP101 Challenger” offers an innovative solution to all these issues.


The program aims to build fundamentals of Accounts Payables while keeping the learner motivated to do better and sensitizing him/her to the business context all the way. Even those with non-accounting background at school or college can be easily made to learn Accounts Payables 101.


This learning is serious fun! The program is scientifically designed game program, which offers the learner a unique way to learn:

  • Intelligent challenge-setter game (adapts to the learner)
  • The learner gains thorough domain knowledge while he/she plays
  • The learner competes with self to do better and better
  • Easy-to-chew learning capsules in easy language
  • Learner can benchmark with all those who have gone through this program ever

Coverage and Duration

It is a comprehensive journey into acquiring the domain knowledge in the backdrop of business. Starting with a basic understanding of business and accounting, it covers the entire gamut of AP processes, document management, vendor management, workflows, systems, and controls, payments, customer service and more.

It is a self-paced program, and the actual duration would vary with the learner’s pace of learning. The modules are evenly spread over 16 to 18 weeks including tests and quizzes. At the rate of deploying 2 to 3 hours of learning time every week, the learner should be able to complete the program in 16 weeks.


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  • It is very good program for people like us who are not from Commerce background.

    Vishal Shinde

  • Very good learning experience. This program gave a lot of insights and knowledge about Accounts Payables. The program creates competitiveness between the learners, which pushes us to score more and win more in the challenger game. All accounts payable executives must go through this program for sure.

    Vijay Bharathy PS

  • It is a very interesting program. I have understood an overall picture about the AP process. Thanks for the team who made this interesting and informative program. Excellent job!!!

    Udhyakumar Manivannan

  • This course has given new dimensions to my learning curve. It was really interesting and has greatly enriched my knowledge about AP. Will love to do more such relevant courses with 361DM.

    Udai Pratap Singh Bisht

  • It gives us a lot of information about AP, and the video sessions were really helpful. I also learnt some new terminology which will help me. Thanks to the 361DM team for their efforts.

    Sundara Ganesh Rajagopalan

  • It was very good learning experience. AP101 challenger has provided us a knowlege bridge that would really help us understand the criticality of the AP process.

    Sowmya Sadagopan

  • Very interesting and informative course. The role play and quiz were awesome and helped to understand the modules well. Thanks to the trainers who gave a wonderful insight to the AP domain and thanks to the entire team for all the efforts put in to come up with such a learning program. Truly enjoyed the whole course. The challenger sessions were too good!

    Solomon Manoj Kumar

  • I will be glad to attend a similar program for AR as well. Waiting for the same. Thanks once again for helping us gain knowledge on AP concepts. Truly appreciate your efforts.

    Shravan Prakash K

  • I don’'t have any prior experience in AP, still I found this program to be very interesting and beneficial. The methodology was easy and helped in making me understand fully what AP process is all about.

    Shobhana Banodha

  • One of the best training programs I ever gone through!

    Shanker Babu Thandra

  • Great interactive learning experience. Overall program is designed in such a way that it keeps you interested and inclined towards learning more and more.

    Saurabh Kawade

  • Learn as you play is the mantra here. Interesting and informative!

    Sathish Vivekanandan

  • AP101 was a superb experience, as it provided overall knowledge regarding AP process. Without going through this program, understanding the AP process was difficult for me. This program helped me gain knowledge of the overall activities of AP process.

    Sandeep Nambiar

  • I would strongly recommend that the new joinees in AP process must go through this program.

    Sai Kumar Narahari

  • A layman to AP must go through this program. It was a rich experience and a privilige to go through this course.

    Rishi Kumar Sharma

  • Thank you for the oppurtunity. Extermly helpful for a new joinee to set the right foundation in the domain knowledge. Great experiential learning!

    Ranjit Peter

  • A very interesting training program which each and every AP associate should take up. It is really useful.

    Priyadarshini Sundararaman

  • It was quite amazing to see the way the program was thoughtfully structured. Very eagerly looking forward to more…

    Prasad P M

  • Thanks to my company's leadership team for investing in such a unique training course.

    Paul Ashirvadam Kodamala

  • Even people with no AP background can well understand the process through this program.

    Naga Deepthi Vedagiri

  • Its is really good training experience. It creates a enthusiasm to learn the concepts well and score more. I would definitely advice others to take up this training. Thanks to 361DM for giving me this opportunity!

    Murugesan Sivarajan

  • This program uses a really awesome method of training us professionals. AP101 has helped me a lot in streamlining my AP understanding. It is truly challenging and unique learning experience, and I wish to take up more of this kind of learning.

    Muralidharan Kannan

  • I appreciate the work you have done. AP 101 CHALLENGER is raelly a fantastic program. It is very interesting because it i’s like a game. I thank the training team and 361DM people who made this learning program so interesting.

    Mudit Kumar Chaturvedi

  • I congratulate everyone who initiated and developed this program.

    Mohanraj Dharisingh

  • Very interesting. Please come up with more learning program like this, as it will help all the associates. Thank you.

    Martin Phinehas Phinehas N

  • Everything is up-to-the-mark. Hats off to the great minds who made this program! Its a boon for people from both AP and non-AP backgrounds. I am so happy that I got an opportunity to go through AP101...Thanks a lot.

    Mahesh Solleti

  • Good explanation given about the each and every concept. It is really a good exercise to refresh the old concepts and learn new ones. I can easily grasp the concepts and do well in my AP job. Thanks.

    Komala Krishnamoorthy

  • Really, this program is an easy way to sharpen AP domain knowledge. Thanks for giving me opportunity to participate in it. It i’s really interesting. Now I am confident about working in the AP process. Thank you so much for this program. I look forward to AR101. Thank you.

    Karthick Chelladurai

  • With each learning session, my zeal & enthusiasm multiplied, as it became more interesting & challenging. In fact I was quite excited and waiting to take up the next challenge i.e., go to the next Learning Room. Overall program provided enough knowledge to really understand the AP process and sharpen the skills. I would definitely recommend the course to my fellow mates & colleagues. Please let me know if you have any such programs for A/P.

    Karthick Balaajee

  • It is a novel method to make us understand the topic. Even non-accounting people can understand the AP process in this programme.

    Josphine Reena Jesudass

  • This has helped me understand the entire concept of accounts payables and has enriched my learning experience to a great extent. Keep up the good work. I would request you to provide such programs for General Ledger also. Thank you once again.

    Joshua Daniel W

  • It has given me a good refresher on the AP process. Now I am confident in AP.

    Jeevan Evans J

  • I love AP101 program... It is very interactive and interesting to go through.

    James Amalraj

  • This learinig is totally different. Motivating. Easy learning. Really fantastic.

    Faizal M

  • Special thanks to all who have organized this program, hope like this we will be offered more program in future (like AR, GL, etc.,)

    Dulip Michael Jeyakumar

  • Amazing overall learning experience. The modules make it quite easy to understand the concepts. Its great to learn online at our own convenience rather than sitting in whole day training in classroom.

    Dhivya Theeran

  • Easy to understand for non-accounts students also!

    Dhiviyalakshmi S

  • AP 101 programme has made me learn the inside-out of Accounts Payables. Thanks.

    Ayazuddin Niyazuddin

  • I have been working in this industry for the last 5.5 years and I have never ever had such a learning experience. I hope I can learn more and earn more knowlegde in future as well. Thank you so much and all the best.....

    Ayaj Pathan

  • I like this type of training programs..... not much theoretical. Precise knowledge given in simple terms helped us to understand quickly.

    Alex stephenstanley Johnpeter

  • This gives a feel of classroom training, specially audio video parts. The quiz makes it easier to understand the concept.

    Akhilesh Kumar Dhoka Padamchand

  • This is an excellent program, where the people can learn a lot as well as challenge their knowledge and understanding. It will be great if the learning are implemented in other areas of accountings like AR, GL, FA, fundamentals etc.

    Ajay Kumar K

  • Good to see so much depth of information.

    Sravani Madichatti

  • Superb platform to learn AP

    Sivakumar Venkatesan

  • AP 101 is quite interesting, easy to understand, and the way it is designed helps us to remember the subject

    Shashi Kumar Seeta

  • I have learned more things in AP101. I love these sessions a lot.

    Sharmila Devi Jeevanandham

  • It has been a wonderful learning for all the participants since we started. We would like to do similar type of learning in AR as well. Great Job.

    Sethuraja Shanmugarajan

  • Special thanks... you did a wonderful job in explaining each and every part in a simple and understandable way.

    Sathyanarayanan Rajendran

  • It creates awareness about AP process for those who are from science background. It is very effective.

    Sathish Kumar Sundareswaran

  • AP 101 helps to know more about the accounts payable side other than daily production of invoices and quality...

    Saranya Gopi Mohan Ganesan

  • It is one of the best programs I ever come across!!! A layman to AP must go through this designed syllabus. It was a rich experience and a privilege to go through this course.

    Rishi Kumar Sharma

  • Thank you for the opportunity. Extremely helpful for a new joinee to the set the foundation right... Great Experiential learning.

    Ranjit Peter

  • This course is necessary for every Accounts payable team.

    Rama Krishna Behera

  • Very well crafted methodology

    Rajesh Narayanan

  • AP 101 Challenger program makes it easy to understand all the AP concepts. The language used is simple and comfortable to understand.

    Rajani Sundararaj

  • It was quite amazing to see the way it was structured. I am sure that there are more brains involved in it. Very eagerly looking forward to face challenges of AP101.

    Prasad P M

  • Practical sessions, very interesting. Motivates to learn the reason behind every process.

    Pradeep Rathna Pandian J

  • This program is really amazing and interesting to learn so much about AP.

    Naagalakshmee Balachandran

  • It is really good training experience. It creates a enthusiasm to bet the amount and win it. I would definitely advise others to take up this training. Thanks to 361DM for giving me this opportunity!

    Murugesan Sivarajan

  • I like to take this opportunity to appreciate the work you have done in the training field. The learning tool (AP 101 CHALLENGER) which was established is rally a fantastic thing. It is more interesting because, it’s like a Game... I'd like to thank the training team and the people who made this learning program so interesting.

    Mudit Kumar Chaturvedi

  • Really, I like this training the most. The way of telling and teaching is awesome...

    Mohan Mani

  • Everything is up to the mark. Hats off to the great minds involved in making this across all the verticals. It's a boon for AP and non-AP background people. I am so happy that I got an opportunity to go through AP101...Thanks a lot

    Mahesh Solleti

  • Good explanation about the each and every concept. Easy to understand and (I am) very eager to attend the quiz

    Komala Krishnamoorthy

  • Now I can proudly say that I am working in accounts payables process. I earned more knowledge about AP process. Thank you so much for this program. Looking forward to AR101. Thank uuuuuuu.

    Karthick Chelladurai

  • As I started the program I was not keen and interested. However with each learning session my zeal & enthusiasm multiplied as it became interesting & challenging. In fact I was quite excited and waiting to take up the next challenge i.e. the next LR. To summarize I would say the overall AP 101 course was quite challenging and it was lot of information for a person to really understand and get the skills sharpened. I would definitely recommend the course to my fellow mates & colleagues to undergo, as it is really good. Please let me know if you have any such programs for A/P which would sharpen my skills better and gain to stand in the challenging environment.

    Karthick Balaajee

  • Everything is perfect in this training

    Kamakshi Venugopal

  • We need the same learning process for other processes like AR, Payroll etc

    Jyothilakshmi Basker

  • Really Suberb!!! I feel it's not a learning program... it is game with learning! Really awesome, thank you

    Ananth Prabhu Jaganathan

  • "This is an killing combination of good English and Domain knowledge which is use in shaping the career in flying colors"

    Akhilesh Kumar Dhoka Padamchand