Managers who lead their people effectively possess ‘People Power’.

Beyond a stage in their careers, managers need to pay extra attention to their people skills and their emotional intelligence because these critical abilities attract the business organizations’ spotlight on them for special project selections, promotions, crises handling and consequent career progression. And since such abilities need to be habitualized, they can only be developed and perfected over time. Hence, managers need to start early enough in their careers and build upon their abilities with persistent implementation.

From common to special

Our People Power program achieves all of this through our unique scientific learning process called MetaTraining™. Its principal objective is to enhance effectiveness of managers as ‘people leaders’ infusing them with people power.

In common terms, the People Power program -

  • Helps managers contribute to building a common-goal oriented, cohesive and synergic workforce under them;
  • Enables creation of more leaders in the organization, helping the organization with their succession planning;
  • Promotes a positive environment and builds a culture of initiatives, innovation and thought-leadership;
  • Grooms and warms-up new managers for higher responsibility as people leaders;
  • Induces self-awareness and introspection in managers leading to an ability to watch, correct and improve themselves, and much more…

From awareness to action

Most training programs end up adding more and more knowledge in the participants, and very little of it trickles into action. There’s a science behind why such training programs fail to evoke on-the-ground results. Why, despite being fully ‘aware’ of what should be done for a better work and personal life, people are not able to ‘action’ their awareness.

People Power explains this science to the learners, which enables them to work at increasing their rate and probability of converting their knowledge into application, awareness into action, and learning into implementation. Our learners have found this as immensely valuable not only for the program’s effectiveness, but even for their professional and personal lives in general.

People Power in action

The participating managers (learners) go through learning modules on leadership development, people-effectiveness, and so on. These modules have been arrived at after involving corporate personnel across industries, geographies, and organization hierarchy levels.

The quality of learning transfer significantly depends on the “context-relevance” of content. Our skilled and experienced Facilitators and E Coaches lace their delivery with contexts of the organization and individual learners, which we meticulously gather and study as part of our thorough preparation policy. This 50-day program begins and ends with highly validated and reliable Level-3 evaluations of the learners.


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