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Concept behind 361° Family School

It’s the science all the way. From the research conducted and theories formulated by prominent scientists of child development, we understood two realities about learning and child development:

  • Learning is an emotional-cognitive process. No learning lasts unless it touches an ‘emotional chord’ in the learner.
  • If a child can learn a quantum on her own, with facilitation by an adult (preferably the parent), she could be made to experience a boost in learning level and quality.

Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) theory propounded by educationist, psychologist, and social reformist Lev Vygotsky, which essentially suggests that in cognitive learning areas, an adult (preferably parent) can substantially boost the learning of the child, by playing a facilitator role until the child is no longer dependent in that area.

How does the 361°Family School run?

Your customers are provided exclusive and individual access to Family School ‘modules’, one at a time, on the internet. The modules are available customized to the child’s age.

The program is a long-term arrangement between your organization and 361DM, with several independent modules lined up sequentially.

The parent-child duo could ‘attend the school’ by logging in regularly for a fixed duration during which they will come across interesting and useful sessions for both parent and the child.


Mission Customer Loyalty

Experience has time and again indicated that providing excellent goods and services is no longer enough in earning customer loyalty, not even material freebies beyond a point. An intensely competitive environment has set organizations on the search for that elusive bouquet of values they could offer their customers to make them stay with them. For that, it is important to understand their needs and offer value that will impact their lives.

That’s the reason why every aspect of Customer Relationship Management has begun to focus on increasing customer loyalty by tailoring offerings to individual needs and preferences. Success in this quest would translate into establishing strong bonds with the customer and in turn, earning their loyalty.

Besides, organizations that innovate in their customer relationship management will be perceived by customers as innovative across all their activities.

Have you RED your customers?


Here’s an opportunity for you to stand apart with a revolutionary customer engagement system that can add profound value to your customers’ lives and endear your organization to them forever.

We have an innovative way by which you can

  • 361dm_corporate/ Come alive in your customers’ minds regularly
  • 361dm_corporate/ Add real value to your high-value customers
  • 361dm_corporate/ Create for your customers an emotionally rich experience that accrues to the brand

We bring to you 361°FamilySchool, a first-of-its-kind customer engagement strategy that is Recurrent, Emotional and Valuable – a new way to engage with and delight your customers.


361°FamilySchool is a unique parent-child development program expertly designed on global scientific principles of child development. The program packs in a powerful battery of benefits for your customers as parents, which will both surprise and delight them like never before!

Your Customer as Parent

You could become an important contributor in your customers’ most crucial role in life – as parents – by helping them enhance their parenting skills and strengthen career base for their children.

The primary concern of a parent is the performance of his child – research has proved beyond doubt that successful children make happy parents. And happy parents, in turn, are able to bring their children up better.

Researchers at the University of Newcastle in the UK studied more than 17,000 men and women over the course of 50 years, from childhood to adulthood. They found that those who had spent a lot of time taking part in activities with their parent were more likely to score highly on IQ tests, excel at work and have a higher social status.

Thus, parents who use more hands-on parenting skills when raising their children increase the chances that their offspring will succeed in their career and have a higher IQ.

Features and Benefits

Program Features

361°FamilySchool is a virtual school at home where the parent and the child can spend quality time together. The parent-child duo regularly ‘attends a school’ in the comfort of their homes over the internet. It offers children with an interesting way of learning, along with their parents who play facilitators and guide their learning.

How do your customers benefit?

In addition to feeling ‘specially’ treated and cared for by your company, there are real benefits your customers would enjoy:

  • 361dm_corporate/ Great educational aid for their children, shaping their learning skills and cognitive abilities and building strong career base
  • 361dm_corporate/ Worthy education that is relevant for the child’s age
  • 361dm_corporate/ Interesting and useful sessions on things that are never taught in schools and colleges
  • 361dm_corporate/ Unique experience of a parent-child sitting together and learning, the fun way, resulting in enrichment of parent-child relationship
  • 361dm_corporate/ Creates more awareness in parent about the child and child development matters, thus honing their parenting skills too
  • 361dm_corporate/ A world class program expertly designed on global scientific principles of child development

How do you benefit?

  • 361dm_corporate/ It is an opportunity for your organization to create a strong market differentiator through a ‘game-changing’ branding opportunity
  • 361dm_corporate/ You enjoy the first mover’s advantage through an innovative customer engagement strategy
  • 361dm_corporate/ It creates an emotionally rich customer experience that will result in increased brand loyalty
  • 361dm_corporate/ It builds an esteemed image as a provider of real value to your customers outside business
  • 361dm_corporate/ It could be a roadmap to effectively expanding your customer base through focused referral schemes
  • 361dm_corporate/ It is an advantageous price-value-scale proposition – offering a world class learning program to all customers simultaneously at incredibly low cost (high value, low cost, large scale proposition)

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