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Accounts Payables being a knowledge-oriented subject and highly process-driven function, can be a dry area to learn and impart. It can pose challenges to both, the receivers and the providers of learning. Moreover, an Accounts Payables (AP) professional could go about with his/her assigned tasks in the AP process while being totally unaware of the business context of it. This can lead to other issues for the department and organization. “AP101 Challenger” offers an innovative solution to all these issues.


The program aims to build fundamentals of Accounts Payables while keeping the learner motivated to do better and sensitizing him/her to the business context all the way. Even those with non-accounting background at school or college can be easily made to learn Accounts Payables 101.


This learning is serious fun! The program is scientifically designed game program, which offers the learner a unique way to learn:

  • Intelligent challenge-setter game (adapts to the learner)
  • The learner gains thorough domain knowledge while he/she plays
  • The learner competes with self to do better and better
  • Easy-to-chew learning capsules in easy language
  • Learner can benchmark with all those who have gone through this program ever

Coverage and Duration

It is a comprehensive journey into acquiring the domain knowledge in the backdrop of business. Starting with a basic understanding of business and accounting, it covers the entire gamut of AP processes, document management, vendor management, workflows, systems, and controls, payments, customer service and more.

It is a self-paced program, and the actual duration would vary with the learner’s pace of learning. The modules are evenly spread over 16 to 18 weeks including tests and quizzes. At the rate of deploying 2 to 3 hours of learning time every week, the learner should be able to complete the program in 16 weeks.

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