Certificate in Digital Safety (Class- 7,8,9)

Program Highlights:
Credits-4 Duration- 3 Months, Online Sessions - 40 Hours of online sessions

Certificate in Digital Safety (Class- 7,8,9)

The aim of the program is to help them gain a better understanding of the current risks and challenges that young people face when they go online. The Program encourages the candidates to discuss strategies for supporting themselves and their community by developing safe and responsible behaviours when they go online. The program initiated by Dr. Dhanya Menon, founder of Avanzo covers a broad range of topics to provide a strong understanding the fundamentals of digital safety and security.

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Program Summary

  • 0 credits

    With this course, you are 5 credits short of an assured placement.

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  • Duration 15 Days
  • 15 Hours of online sessions


Mobile misuse

Threats and blackmail on mobile and email

Fake profiles and social networking

Friends and strangers online


Addiction and depression

Applications online

Exposure to unwanted content online

Course Highlights

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    Get to Know the Threats of Cyber Crime

    In this program we will sensitize children and their parents about the issues in cyber space and thereby raising their awareness and also creating a social responsibility.

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    Inputs Referring Real Time Incidents

    Know the dos and don’ts of internet usage from real time incidents that gives you complete understanding of the cyber world.

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    Training Methodology

    Our course involves several hours of Live Faculty sessions and recorded live sessions. Along with live classes, the course also has image-led practice sessions and self-assessments.

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    Program from Dhanya Menon

    Dr. Pattathil Dhanya Menon, a cybercrime investigator by profession is having more than 15 years of experience. She is the first woman participant in international cybercrime seminars from India and has won accolades for presenting the paper “Human rights in cyber space”. The program modules are developed in such a way that the learning is imbibed through activities.

Key Features of the Program

  • Learn Fast and with Ease

    Cyber Crime Awareness program is world's first cyber awareness program which is designed based on real life cases solved by cyber crime investigators – enabling you to learn fast and with ease. We offer a unique combination of research-led futuristic pedagogy and globally benchmarked content. The course is specially designed for the students by keeping in mind the aim of cyber awareness from a very tender age.

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  • Highly Experienced Faculty

    Experienced faculty from Avanzo with more than 15 years of experience will offer training and coaching. They engages variety of teaching tactics in making every lesson appealing and understandable.

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  • Certificate from 361 Degree Minds & Avanzo

    361DM is a research-led EduTech Company that offers learning solutions in higher education to individuals, corporate, universities and colleges. With a unique blend of research led futuristic pedagogy, a robust platform, and globally benchmarked content, 361DM offers programs in diverse areas of professional development, skilling, health-care, organization development and higher education. Avanzo is an organization specialised in cyber laws and cyber securities solutions. Their campaign for prevention of cyber-crimes intends to give guidelines in handling issues related to the misuse of cell phones and internet.

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  • New Age Learning Platform

    The i-meta platform of 361 DM, enabled with unique augmented and virtual reality-led classes allow mobile learning i.e., you can learn anytime and anywhere. You can learn by downloading the 361DM App in your smartphone. Our platform facilitates group discussions, learning resources, performance records, post-class assessments, e-library, and opinion polls during classes.

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  • Dedicated Support Team

    We have a dedicated team to support you throughout the course – from the application to the certification! You can reach us whenever there is any need for assistance, just at the click of a button.

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Outcome of the Program

This program empowers you with complete knowledge of using technology with constructive, ethical, empathetic and sensitive vision. What more! You also get branded as a certified Cyber Crime Awareness evangelist.


Premila Paran
Dr. Pattathil Dhanya Menon

Has a  B tech (computer science) open University British Columbia, Canada, E- MBA(HR), National Institute of Business management, Chennai, MBA retail management, National Institute of Business management, Chennai, Diploma in cyber law, Asian School of Cyber law Pune. She is the first woman participant in international cybercrime seminars from India and has won accolades for presenting the paper “Human rights in cyber space”. She has received “Women Achievers’ Award First Ladies”, a National award from the President of India on January 2018 instituted by the Ministry of Women and Child Welfare at Rashtrapathi Bhavan. She has also been a consultant for Government/Semi-Government organizations for the past several years and has been conducting Cyber awareness sessions for students, teachers, parents, business houses, management associations, Kerala police, and other various Govt. departments and corporations. Her vast experience during the course of her job made her understand the perils hidden in this ultra-modern technology, which should be taken seriously.

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