An unique Learning Platform

The i-meta platform of 361 DM is a special digital classroom, created in-house to help students and professionals learn anytime and anywhere, is enabled with unique augmented and virtual reality-led classes. It provides a learning experience that is customized to every learner, comprising of e-library, discussion and chat forums, technical and academic helpdesk and e-coaching facility.

Learning 4.0

  • 1

    ContentBest and more Relevant

  • 2

    PedagogyApplying Science of Learning

  • 3

    DigitalUsing Technology for learning

  • 4

    E2 Experience & EngagementMaking learning Fun and appealing

Our Distinctive Features

  • Online MBA in International Business

    Learn Anytime and Anywhere

    Learning made compatible on PCs, Smartphones, and Tablets. Learn on an adaptive, intuitive and extraordinary platform..

  • Earn Your MBA Online

    Convenient and Flexible

    Learn at your own pace with hassle-free platform. The platform can support thousands of learners at the same time.

  • Big Data Analytics for Techies

    Personalized Learning

    Unlike other platforms that deliver merely the re-loaded content, i-Meta provides learning experience that is customized to every learner

  • Big data training and placement in chennai

    Virtual Reality Sessions

    For years we’ve taught using simulations, audio-visuals, audio and video exercises and now we teach through virtual reality-led classes that are story and game based.

The i-meta Advantage

Research led-Pedagogy 361 DM program design, learning methodologies, and delivery platform are based on the globally researched principles of adult learning and remote learning effectiveness. Independent Tech consultants rate i-Meta far above the other learning platforms in terms of technology and resource.

Built by Learning Scientists The Platform has been built and shaped by Learning Scientists, out of 20 years of experience in understanding how adults learn and how remote learning can change the way people get educated. We have indeed witnessed the huge transformation in student performance through i-meta platform.

Technically Robust Platform The i-meta platform stands by millions of lines of codes, thus proving its robust technical background. It provides a unique learning experience to our learners through its Learning Rooms, Live Classes, and Faculty Interactions, story and game-based learning methods and much more.

Making India a 'Global Learning Community' India is developing into a Great Digital Nation and people are online for different purposes. Why not for education? Through i-meta, we have been creating a community of learners who are crossing different hurdles to get educated and are reaching high levels in their personal and professional life.

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Changing The Way The World Learns

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Changing The Way The World Learns