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Online learning is about combining the best of a classroom cohort and the flexibility of distance education. In the past 10 years, we have been working seriously to enrich online learning by combining different and innovative elements that combine theory with real world examples. This has led us to create our own knowledge properties....

Adult Learning Guide

It is our own set of nearly 200 principles that makes learning engaging and better for any adult learner. We use these principles to make learning more effective, and engrossing, by combining real world concepts.

Remote learning manual

A set of 60 principles on crafting a pedagogical model that can deliver effective education and learning to students sitting beyond a classroom, when the instructor is not face to face.


Our proprietary learning platform built based on the Adult Learning guide and Remote Learning manual. IMETA can offer effective, engaging and highly scalable learning solutions to individual students, educational institutions, government and corporate organizations, or academic service providers. This feature rich platform makes learning equally exciting on mobile devices and tablets too.

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