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361° Varsity provides vast space for the policy makers and educational institutes for garnering collaborative partnerships with 361DM. Some such probable partnerships are indicated below:

Designing and delivering courses in emerging areas

The world around us is changing faster than ever before. Newer technologies, newer ideologies, newer ways of working have come to define the career world that our students are going to be a part of. Among others, the Academic Institutions and Universities are trying to catch up with this change. We enable institutions by designing courses in emerging areas and delivering them to their students to keep them in-step with the change.

Effectively teaching critical courses

The challenge of constantly coping with shortage of quality faculty requires multi-pronged approach. In addition to making the career attractive and fulfilling, the institutions need to factor this reality too, if they want to make their academic delivery effective. We partner with institutions in solving this problem for some of their critical courses by adopting blended learning approaches for effective teaching.

Collaborating with faculty for innovative teaching

Institutions aspire to deploy innovative teaching methodologies for their students to be more competent and hence competitive. The classroom environment and role of faculty in the classroom can both be made an integral part of this innovation. We offer solutions in blended learning that can re-define the role of faculty, and make the learning experience more insightful. Such collaboration helps institutions manage cost of delivery and optimum utilization of capacity.

Delivering distance education with a touch of excellence

Institutions have been able to make giant strides in making distance education affordable and reachable to masses. But issues like delivery effectiveness, student motivation, learning retention and transfer etc. still loom large. These are real issues, which could be the reasons why distance education is not being viewed very favourably by students, parents, and society at large. We partner with distance education institutions in offering this much needed excellence through our solutions, hence improving perceptions about distance education in due course of time.

Expanding the scope of distance education

Distance learning programs of higher education institutions are restricted to only some areas of learning. There are areas of learning for which, a distance education solution does not exist, though there are enough prospective students for them. It may be because the distance mode seems impossible or unviable for those subjects. We partner with distance education institutions in offering solutions for such issues.

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