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Governments, policy makers, academicians – all are sensing a ground shift with the respect to the way learning needs to be imparted at schools. The school education scenario is undergoing tectonic shifts. The ‘school teacher’ is central to all these shifts. It is the teacher who has the power and responsibility to execute on-the-ground all the grand plans of a government or policy makers or academicians. Teachers themselves are undergoing tremendous changes viz. – transition from teacher role to facilitator role, from teacher-led to learner-focused approach, among tremendous challenges like lack of training, other more attractive and lucrative careers, over load due to shortage of teachers, competitive atmosphere, and peer pressure. These are indeed challenging times. The school teacher needs support from all quarters.

361° Educator envisions to help global school teachers in these ways -

  • Strengthening the Self
    For example, understanding a teacher’s role, building self awareness, personality development
  • Strengthening the Conceptual Framework
    For example, understanding a teacher’s role, understanding the child, understanding how children learn
  • Developing and Honing of Classroom Effectiveness Skills
    For example, making observations, listening, encouraging inquiry / questioning, promoting discovery, showing empathy, counseling, class management skills
  • Developing and Honing of Classroom Execution Skills
    For example, storytelling, conducting group activities, using technology, communication, project teaching, reading and writing skills
  • Developing and Honing of Classroom Efficiency Skills
    For example, curriculum understanding, syllabus planning, lesson planning, assessment planning, scheduling, micro-scheduling
  • Developing and Honing of Classroom Creativity skills
    For example, making stories, using teaching aids, group activities, integrating field visits, drama, theme based lessons, rhymes, songs, dance, and story boards

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