head-varsity Learning Partnership programs

361° Varsity provides vast space for the leaders of ASP for garnering collaborative partnerships with 361DM. Some such probable partnerships are indicated below:

Designing and delivering complementing courses to make your offerings holistic

Sometimes just by adding a complementing module to your core offering, you could achieve your goals more effectively. A sense of holistic approach can further your mission. For example, an IT skills training program, or management entrance prep course, or exam stress management workshop, or a course for building sound academic habits in students – each one of these could be immensely augmented with a topping of programs like interview skill training or self-development. We enable ASPs by designing synergic courses in emerging areas, and delivering them to their students to keep them in-line with and ahead in their mission.

Effectively teaching critical courses

The challenge of constantly coping with shortage of quality faculty requires multi-pronged approach. In addition to making the career attractive and fulfilling, you’d need to factor this reality too, if you want to make your academic delivery effective. We partner with ASPs in solving this problem for some of their critical courses, by adopting blended learning approaches for effective teaching of their current programs.

Collaborating with faculty for innovative teaching

As academic service providers, you aspire to deploy innovative teaching methodologies for your students to be more competent, and hence competitive. The classroom environment and role of faculty in the classroom can both be made an integral part of this innovation. We offer solutions in blended learning that can re-define the role of faculty, and make the learning experience more insightful. Such collaboration helps institutions manage cost of delivery and optimum utilization of capacity.

Delivering distance education with a touch of excellence

As academic service providers, you have been able to take few steps for making distance education affordable and reachable to masses. But issues like delivery effectiveness, student motivation, learning retention and transfer etc. still loom large. These are real issues, which could be the reasons why distance education is not being viewed very favourably by students, parents, and society at large. We partner with ASPs in their distance education initiatives in offering this much needed excellence through our solutions, hence improving perceptions about distance education in due course of time

How are we achieving High Excellence?

We understand the science of learning

Learning is not an event but a process. It involves steps like building awareness, acquiring knowledge, and understanding, applying, refining by trials, and making creative extensions. For imparting learning on this spectrum, our learning programs are designed along scientific principles by learning experts.

There are different kinds of learning goals, different learner profiles, and different contexts. Accordingly, our programs adopt different learning dynamics, processes, rigors, treatments, and human interventions. We understand all these differences and know how to deal with them, and hence we are able to deliver excellence.

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