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Emerging technologies have enabled large scale access to education like never before. Internet, i-pods, mobile phones, television – every medium is ready to take education to anyone who wants to reach it. Access is achieved, thanks to technology. But, the core issue in remote learning cannot be solved with technology alone. Just digitizing written material or using technology to play recorded conventional classes or handing over programmed lessons in CDs, are not enduring methods of scaled education. Without effectiveness, any system is bound to fail. Technology is just an enabler, a carrier.

How are we achieving High Excellence?

We understand the science of learning
Learning is not an event but a process. It involves steps like building awareness, acquiring knowledge, and understanding, applying, refining by trials, and making creative extensions. For imparting learning on this spectrum, our learning programs are designed along scientific principles by learning experts.

There are different kinds of learning goals, different learner profiles, and different contexts. Accordingly, our programs adopt different learning dynamics, processes, rigors, treatments, and human interventions. We understand all these differences and know how to deal with them, and hence we are able to deliver excellence.

We understand the intricacies of remote learning
Critical factors of remote learning – learning effectiveness, learner motivation and drive, human guidance by observers and E-Coaches, interactive learning with peers, performance tracking, benchmarking and feedback, learning transference (retention and application) – need to be scientifically addressed. Else the more you scale, the more you lose out on excellence. We understand both scale and excellence in remote learning.

We achieve excellence by following our Adult Learning Guide and Remote Learning Manual for designing and delivering our learning programs.

How are we achieving Large Scale Access?

We achieve scale through our own delivery platform called i-meta. I-Meta is our state-of-the-art, unprecedented proprietary technology that has an intuitive and flexible interface. It seamlessly delivers our innovative and inventive programs across any scale with a variety of human interventions as desired. Thousands of learners together can undergo sessions, live learning, expert interactions, group interactions, observer interaction, variety of assessments, coursework, customized knowledge resources, schedule call with experts and so on.

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