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Proactive Stress Management Program

People experience stress (distress) in their professional and personal lives. Though stress is natural, the trouble comes when they either cannot ‘manage’ their stress, or don’t know how to. Undoubtedly, this inability gradually leads to lower mental and physical productivity of the person and adverse impacts on the atmosphere he or she creates around.

Target Audience

People (students, managers, professionals, etc.) who experience continuous or high levels of unmanaged stress can lead to under-productivity and depletion of human resource. Our StressProact program enables its participants (learners) to understand stress in perspective and manage it better.

Program Objectives

  • To educate people about stress in the right perspective
  • To create awareness about unhelpful lifestyle habits
  • To impart stress-diminishing simple techniques that people can adopt everyday and in situations
  • To coach people for a few weeks while they practice the newly learnt habits and techniques
This holistic program is designed and conducted by a team of medical practitioners and L&E experts. It suggests lifestyle preferences, simple and easy-to-do techniques for beating stress and provides tool-kit for self-assessment and reviews, apart from imparting vital stress education. Learners are also given web modules for recaps and refreshers. This 30-day program is conducted in two phases – Live Workshop and Follow-through Period.

361ยบ Vital Approach

StressProact program follows the learning process called “Action Workshop”. Action Workshop in general is a drill-oriented intervention. It follows ‘watch-do-practice-review’ sequence in learning a skill.

For StressProact, the Action Workshop methodology consists of assessment, education, demo, goal setting, planning, practice, and reviewing – cyclical and linear in parts.



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  • A very well planned workshop gave it the right time needed to put across the ideas, as well as demonstrate SWATS. The highlight of the workshop was the rapport that the learners and the tutors developed in a short time.
    ...I have understood the importance of maintaining a balance between work and rest.
    Though they were friendly in their approach, 361DM take their work seriously; they were professional with presentations and material. Some of their ideas like the tracker and planner found in the toolkit will help us keep healthy for life, because the normal practice is to forget the lessons learned, in a week. I definitely will keep in touch with 361DM and follow their suggestions.
    Down the road in my life if I happen to be very successful, I would owe a part my success to 361DM and to Mr. Narayanan for having given me this wonderful opportunity.

    Sunandan Sridharan

  • Do continue these kinds of workshops. I attended MetaTaining program also, and it changed a lot of things in my life

    Neeta R. Jadhav

  • Very enlightening experience. Information was put across in very convincing manner. Great job by 361 degree minds!!

    Anirudh K

  • Follow-up sessions and tracker is the best aspect of this program. Keep up the good work.

    Jacqueline Samuels

  • Overall fell is excellent. I found immediate relaxation with some SWATs. Please teach SWATs to all aged, family people, working professionals as you did now.

    Sasikumar P.

  • I really enjoyed it. Your way of conducting the workshop was good.

    Indumathy G.

  • For the first time in my life, I have got exposure to scientific and systematic way to manage stress. Thanks 361DM. Wonderful work done.

    Ashutosh Sharma

  • Simply saying, it is really very useful

    Thangaraj G.

  • Very good program. Would like to know if similar program in future for kids and adults.

    Sivasankara Kumar

  • Able to manage stress better... Better health condition and mental strength

    Sreejith M. Nair

  • Good programme. Recommended for everybody in the organisation.

    Pradeep Garg

  • It was an eye-opener for me

    Kuldeepak Sharma

  • Perfectly executed with simple stress relieving methods. Very aptly conducted.

    Atanu Mukherji

  • It was an excellent program. A must do for all professionals in current work situation.

    Vikram Baxi

  • Great initiative. ... should be implemented in all corporates as gives huge personal, mental, health and physical benefits to individuals.

    Sumant Dhopate

  • This is very good workshop. I recommend this to all employees. This helps us to change our life and health in a great way.

    Sunil Dwivedi

  • I feel relaxed and un-tensed. It gives extra energy... Relaxed mind & body and a freshness the whole of the day

    Om Punia

  • Came to know the importance of the actions we do unconsciously without knowing that they can release stress. Thanks for focusing on things like breathing.

    Kaustubh Joshi

  • A very helpful and friendly reminder to restart/ retain certain known and some unknown aspects

    Manikantan G.

  • Stressproact workshop has helped me in a fruitful manner in chalking out realistic plan for managing stress and better health. Very simple and practical tips on SWAT and LIFESTYLE CODES had helped me immensely. THANKS TO CL for nominating me for workshop and 361dm for training. THANKS A LOT.

    Ashutosh Sharma

  • (I am) De-stressed totally!

    Lakshmi Mahajankatti

  • It was very good, both the days of the program. ... I would like to love this done in ___ (another division in the company) also regularly once in 6 months. Thank you

    Santosh R. Karwar

  • A session that should have sounded and felt monotonous was wonderfully done in such a way, we participated and learned as well as enjoyed it. Thank you.

    Divya Rao D

  • It was a great learning experience. I actually know small things can make a difference in stress levels. ... Thanks for arousing me.

    Deepti Kapoor

  • Hi..!! The planner we made while our training helped me a lot. I am following all the SWATs ... it really helped me a lot. (I am) getting more time for myself.

    Latika Tyagi

  • ...I can surely say a lot of research has been done and I felt good to be a part of the workshop

    Chetna Gambhir

  • ...the two days have been a wonderful learning experience of reinventing myself!

    Asha Singh

  • I feel very light, able to concentrate in work. Mood is happy. Irritation has gone away. Body/Neck ache has reduced.

    Vishal Mishra

  • StressProact Action Workshop was really wonderful. It was a great experience. ...conducted in a very professional and easy to learn environment. Your Lifestyle Codes and SWATs are very handy to manage the stress and feel light & fresh whole of the day. The E touch keeps reminding me on the various SWATs & Lifestyle Codes.

    Om Punia

  • Better concentration and presence of mind. Slightly more relaxed than previous.. Greatly improved neck and back. Energy and enthusiasm lasting till the very end of the day

    Manikantan G.

  • Excellent workshop; was a real eye-opener. Hats off!

    Lakshmi Narasimhan S.

  • A very interactive session indeed... has urged me to lead a healthier lifestyle.

    Pooja Saha

  • It was a very nice workshop since it made us realize how stressed we were and (that too) due to unnecessary reasons.

    Toral Patel

  • It has really stimulated and motivated me to increase my positivity and optimism to achieve higher goals of life easily.

    Priyanka Mishra

  • The stress management training helped me a lot. Your SWATs and Lifestyle Codes helped me at each every place to come out of stress....I had great time with E - touch, and the way you people made it was very easy for us to adapt. Many thanks to you all and special thanks to Ram & Our Doctor. Cheers.... Have a great time ahead. :-)

    Latika Tyagi

  • (I) Remain energetic throughout the day, much relief from backache, flexible bodily, much relaxed during office pressures by doing SWATs for 5 min. This is really working for me...

    Ganesha Mehra

  • I feel more relaxed than ever before. I feel I am more optimistic and positive than earlier. I am able to control/manage anger to a very large extent. I feel and anticipate positive result for myself and people around me.

    Ashutosh Sharma